Journal Publications

“Letter to Page from the York Mills Station in Toronto, ON” (poem) NDN Country (CV2/Prairie Fire Special Joint Issue), Forthcoming 2018.

“Letter to Lang from Henry Milloy’s Dock, Lake Chemong, ON” (poem) NDN Country (CV2/Prairie Fire Special Joint Issue), Forthcoming 2018.

“Prayer for Late Season Yard Sale” (poem) Malahat Review, #204 Fall 2018.

“Roll Up the Rim Prayer” (poem) Malahat Review, #204 Fall 2018.

“Extra Fine Mohawk Greetings Prayer” (poem) Malahat Review, #204 Fall 2018.

“East Saginaw Street and the Lansing that Shall Be Yours” (poem) Twyckenham Notes (forthcoming 2018).

“Letter to Yan from the Superior Oriental Buffet on Parkhill Road, Peterborough, ON” (poem) FreeFall Magazine, Vol. 28, issue 3.

“Prayer for the Perfect Bannock” (poem) FreeFall Magazine, Vol. 28, issue 3.

“Kwèkunilunkònachik Will Find Their Way to Earth” (poem), Waters Deep: A Great Lakes Poetry Anthology (Split Rock 2018).

“Owashtanong Carries Namegos Overland” (poem), Waters Deep: A Great Lakes Poetry Anthology (Split Rock 2018).

“Rebellion Outbreak Outside the Plymouth Township Kroger” (poem), The Dalhousie Review, Spring 2018.

Leonard Cohen Haiku, (poem) Gift of Silence: A Haiku Tribute to Leonard. Editions des Petits Nuages, 2018.

“Kishux Makes Moves above the Hardin, Montana Subway” (poem) McNeese Review, Spring 2018

“Closing Time Proclamations, Belgrade Liquor” (poem) McNeese Review, Spring 2018

“Finding Love in Grease Cakes at Carter Burger, Dearborn, MI” (poem) McNeese Review, Spring 2018

“The Secret Lives of Jack Pines” (poem), The Hart House Review, Winter Supplement 2018.

“The Divide Runs West of Here” (poem) Camas, Winter 2017.

“That Which Was Never Meant for Us” (poem) Tulane Review, Fall 2017.

“Constellations Retreat before this Truck Stop Night” (poem) Welter, Fall 2017.

“Migizi Looks Back Upon Wazhashk” (poem) The Lindenwood Review, Issue 8, Spring 2018.

“Letter to Atleo from the Old Shell Station near Buckhorn, ON” (poem) Grain, Winter 2018.

“Letter to Milne from Temagami” (poem) Grain, Winter 2018.

“Ritual Prayer” (poem) Grain, Winter 2018.

“Devil in the Woods: A Preface” (poem) Contemporary Verse 2, Spring 2018.

“Letter to Hepburn from the Rosedale Lock at Coboconk, ON”  (poem) Contemporary Verse 2, Spring 2018.

“Letter to Wojeck from Four Kilometers outside the Memorial Hospital, Lindsey, ON” (poem) Contemporary Verse 2, Spring 2018.

“What Makes Us the Creatures We Must Be” (poem) The Hawai’i Review #86, Summer 2017.

“Dewey Bends Daylight around Irvington High School” (poem) The Hawai’i Review #86, Summer 2017

“Dropping Lines along the Towpath Canal” (poem) The Hawai’i Review #86, Summer 2017.

“Modern Day Trout Descends the Steps of the Indiana World War Memorial” (poem) The Journal, Spring 2017

“The Earth Holds Us Tightly Along the Banks of the Ohio” (poem) The Windsor Review, Environmental Issue 2017.

“Sutra of the Airliner Descending over the Near West Side” (poem) The Windsor Review, Environmental Issue 2017.

“The Klan Gives Out Candy at Greenfield Central High School” (poem) The Windsor Review 2017.

“Honest as a Simple Cotton Dress” (poem), Whisky Island, 2017

“Rain Falls Upon the Copper Kings” (poem), Cape Rock: Poetry,  2017.

“Spring Runoff Prayer” (poem) Malahat Review, Indigineous Perspectives Issue, Winter 2016.

“Interstate 94 through Rosebud County” (poem) pamplemousse, Fall/Winter 2016

“When the Night Comes the Moody Blues Shall Play Us Out” (poem) pamplemousse, Fall/Winter 2016

“Frost Overtakes Eagle Creek” (poem) pamplemousse, Fall/Winter 2016.

“Letter to Waxman from Minden, ON” (poem), Soliloquies Anthologies, Fall-Winter 2016

“Letter to Bouchard from Burke Cottage in Dick Lake, ON” (poem), Soliloquies Anthologies, Fall-Winter 2016

“Barometric Pressure” (poem), Contemporary Verse 2, Summer 2016.

“Myths of Dark Waters as Seen Atop the Conservation Drive Overpass” (poem), Contemporary Verse 2,  Summer 2016.

“Upon Seeing the Official Seal of the State of Indiana” Rising Phoenix Review, July 2016

“Past Prophetstown on Interstate 65” (poem), Vinyl Poetry and Prose, May 2016.

“This City at the Crossroads” (poem), The Mackinac,  December 2015

“King Oliver Rises above Georgia Street and Devours this not so Empty Night.” (poem), Minor Literature[s], December 2015

“From This Tilled Out Earth” (poem), Minor Literature[s], December 2015

“Rain Comes to Indy” (poem), Minor Literature[s], December 2015

“Westward through Rivoli Park on Michigan Street” (poem), Minor Literature[s], December 2015

“Skyline from Arsenal Tech” (poem), Minor Literature[s], December 2015

“Freddie Hubbard Comes to the Banks of the White River” (poem) Four Culture Magazine, September 2015

“Old Irvington from the Garage Next Door”(poem), Four Culture Magazine, September 2015.

“Mason 20” (poem), Reed Magazine, Winter/Spring 2014.

“Bhavacakra at the Gates of Deer Creek” (poem), Straylight Literary Magazine, Winter/Spring 2014.

“Lightning Hopkins Emerges from the Woods outside of Mooresville, IN” (poem), The Rag, Winter 2014.

“Off-Season outside of Gardner, MT” (poem),  The Windsor Review, Fall 2012.

“Reminiscing about Hoffa at the Ivy Rose Motor Inn” (poem), COE Review, Winter 2011.

“Burning Wild Turkey at Rondeau Beach” (poem), Construction, Fall/Winter 2011.

“Letter to Gzowski from Bancroft” (poem), Sugar House Review Fall/Winter 2011.

“Gravel Lot Above Crow Agency” (poem) Front Range Review , Spring 2011.

“Through the Magic City” (poem), Front Range Review, Spring 2011.

“Mission to the Hurons” (poem), Paradigm Journal, Fall/Winter 2010.

“Pool Beneath the Old Bathhouse” (poem), Hawk and Whippoorwill, Winter 2010.

“A Natural Violence” (poem), Hawk and Whippoorwill, Fall 2010.

“The Warmth of Flesh” (poem), River Oak Review, Spring 2010 .

“Tribal School Outside of Hot Springs, MT” (poem), Front Range Review, Spring 2010.

“Taste of High Mountain Beignets” (poem), Naugatuck River Review, Summer 2009.

“Lillies of Riverie Canard” (poem), San Pedro River Review, Winter/Spring 2009.

“Misplaced Nashville Skyline” (poem), Zaum Magazine, Spring 2009.

“The Light Below Street Level” (prose), The Rambler, Summer 2008.